ROC-Reaching Our Children Youth Center

 About Us

ROC-Reaching Our Children Youth Center is a nonprofit organization that  willl provide a nuturing and educational environment for children in grades Kindergarten through 12th (5-18 Yrs.) grade along with a full array of support services to families during the before and afterschool hours, out-of-school time, on Saturday and during summer reccess.  This program will expanded academic enrichment opportunities for all children attending low-performing schools.  ROC-Reaching Our Children Youth Center ia a youth driven initative empowering youth with the skills necessary to pursue acadmic excellence and create strong communities.

Our Programs and Services

Following our developmental philosophy, ROC's age appropriate programs includes activities and materials that enhance a child's social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.

Cooperative play is encouraged in our program designed to nurture creativity and build self-esteem.  ROC will provide a safe, secure and always caring environment that fosters trust and attachment, while encouraging curiosity, exploration, and creativity for children of each age group.

ROC's School-Age Programs begins at 7:00 am - 8:00 pm (Monday-Friday) offering breakfast/ afterschool snacks/dinner, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm on Saturday for Virtual Field Trips,  play time and hands on experiences with developmentally appropriate planned and emplemented curriculum for school-age children.  Children  will have an opportunity to learn together, build lasting relationships with other children and staff and work on team problem-solving skills.

The youth will participate in some or all of the following activities:

Structured Activites

  • Homework help and academic skill-building subjects such as literacy, mathematic, and science
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Exploration of special interests such as art, music, computers and technology, crafts, games, etc.
  • Mentoring/Leadership Program

Unstructured Activites

  • Prevention Programs
  • Cultural activites
  • Recreational Programs
  • Scholarship Program
  • College and Job Preparation and Community Internships (Middle or High School)

In addition to the above activities, ROC-Reaching Our Children Youth Center will also provide the youth the service with:

  • On going relationships with caring adults
  • An environment that strengthens social skills and character
  • Healthy snacks and/ or meals to meet students nutritional needs
  • Safe and well-designed indoor and outdoor spaces

Statistically, this type of program reduces juvenile crime an experimentation with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and sex.  In addition, youth involved will be less likely to skip classes in school or drop out of school completely.  Youth involved in these types of programs are also more likely to continue their education after high school.

Summer Program

ROC's Summer Program provides a well structural, safe and all around nurturing environment.  Children can work on improving their reading and writing skills at their grade levels; learn critical thinking skills in science and math, language arts and social science; enjoy our various arts and crafts classes; participate in drama productions to improve their stage presence, voice and body composition; become active in various sports and games; go to educational and fun field trips to learn in a group environment; gain a global and multi-cultural understanding and awareness in all aspect of their everyday lives and academic studies.

The center will offer a balanced mix of recreational and educational activities that help students maintain their academic skills throughout the summer while providing wholesome fun, cultural outings and social opportunties.

The program will form partnership with local school district and the juvenile court system.  The center will be supported through community donations, fundraisers and grants.  As a developmental program that will receive public and private funding, ROC follows standards set by the Arkansas Department of Education and the Division of Childcare and Early Childhood Education to determine class ratio, group sizes and curriculum development.

Our staff will review, assess, and utilize the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scales.  Also twice a year we will provide families developmental profiles of their child during parent conferences.  These profiles track and review the development of children during their time at ROC.  ROC uses the Framework for Quality Standards developed by Arkansas Governor's Task Force on best practices for after-school and summer programs to develop and evaluate its programs.


Anticipating location 1270 Bruce Street in Conway, AR . 

Grand Opening:  April 5, 2010

Donate Now

By making a monetary donation to the ROC-Reaching Our Children Youth Center you can help provide a safe, enriching environment for children before and after school, out-of-school time, Saturday's, and summer reccess.  Your support will allow ROC-Reaching Our Children Youth Center to reach more underserved youth and provide them with access to afterschool programs that inspire them to be smart, strong, and socially responsible.

Thank you for answering our call to action by making a commitment to safeguard the future of our youth.  Your tax deductible contribution made through PayPal will be used to fund ROC-Reaching Our Children Youth Center ongoing outreach efferts.

On behalf of our underserved children, thank you for offering a lifeline.  And we at the ROC-Reaching Our Children Youth Center so need and appreciate your support.

Again, Thank You for Supporting


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